1The External and Internal Factors of Urban Parks Associated with Physical Activity and Health of ResidentsVol.32 No.3 Yen-Cheng Chiang
2Sources of Interestingness in Person Interpretation at Back-CihuVol.32 No.3 Meng-Hsiu Tung
3The Affective Bonds of Islanders – A Case Study of Wang-an (Bāng-uann) TownshipVol.32 No.3 Chao-Sheng Chang
4Types of Users’Behavior Changes with Participating Edible LandscapingVol.32 No.3 Chen-Fa Wu
5The Effect of Environmental Stressors on the Association between Outdoor Leisure, Place Attachment, and Well- Being in Urban Greenway among Middle- Aged and Older WomenVol.32 No.2 Po-Ju Chang
6The Topic Orientation and Trends of International Outdoor Recreation Research Over Five Years: An Analysis of Cited JournalsVol.32 No.2 Ting-Hsuan Wang
7Exploring Mountain Rescuers' Values Toward Mountains from the Perspective of Risk PerceptionVol.32 No.2 Chin-Hao Lan
8Applying Automatic Content Analysis to Identify Research Themes and Trends in the Tourism and Travel FieldsVol.32 No.1 Yulan Yuan
9The Interaction between Recreationists and Green Sea Turtles: Assessing Sustainable Tourism in Liuqiu IslandVol.32 No.1 Tsung Hung Lee
10Sources of Leisure Support in the High-Technology IndustryVol.32 No.1 Tien-Ming Cheng
11The Realization of Dreams: Using Means- End-Chain to Explore the Heterogeneity and Value of Taiwanese Backpackers' JourneyVol.32 No.1 You-De Dai
12Examining the Antecedents and Consequences of Aggregated Pilgrims' Ritualized Emotional Responses: Dajia Mazu WalkersVol.31 No.4 Tung-An Wu
13A Study of Constructing a Tourists' Show from a Facebook Check-in Behavior Model Based on Planned Behavior TheoryVol.31 No.4 Chang-Jen Kuo
14The Spatial-Temporal Change Between Wetland Biotope Patterns and Ecosystem Service Values in the Sichao Wetland at Taijiang National ParkVol.31 No.4 Su-Hsin Lee
15Applying Blue Screen Keying Technology to Explore Dynamic Crowding Perceptions of the Xitou Nature Education Area TrailVol.31 No.4 Hung-Hsu Yen
16Satisfaction with Trip Experience, Life Satisfaction, and Re-Visit Intention in Older Adults: A Wellness Tourism PerspectiveVol.31 No.3 Ching-Cheng Shen
17Recreation Specialization, Recreationist- Environment Fit, and Flow Experience of CyclistsVol.31 No.3 Chih-Hung Wang
18Does Recreationist Engagement Matter? A Study of the Relationship among Recreation Involvement, Engagement, and Flow ExperienceVol.31 No.3 Mei-Tsun Chen
19A Children's Environmental Behavioral Model Based on Travel Experience in TaiwanVol.31 No.3 Tzuhui Angie Tseng
20The Influence of Low Self-Control and Environmental Factors on Violations of Aquatic Leisure ActivitiesVol.31 No.2 Tzeng-Hua Yang
Chun-Ting Tung